Safer Skincare: I’m doing something about it!

I’m not sure where to start with this, mostly because (as many of you know) I’m a bit preoccupied at the moment. In England. Getting new gut bugs. (Hooray!)

Not exactly normal life right now.

So I’m just going to put this out there: Surprise, I joined Beautycounter last week!

Responses I expect to see:

1. “Girl, whaaaat? Are you crazy?”

2. “Why now? Don’t you have enough to focus on? Like being in a foreign country?”

3. “WTH is a Beautycounter? I thought you worked behind a pharmacy counter?”

4. “I’m so down with that. Hit me up with a link, beautiful!”

My own responses:

1. We all know I’m crazy. Moving on.

2. Because they waived the joining fee, and we all also know that I can’t pass up a bargain. (Plus, I’ve been hemming and hawing about joining for like two years. The time is now!)

3. I’d love to tell you! Beautycounter is a company dedicated to safer skincare and cosmetics. I know from both personal and professional experience that what you put IN your body matters more than we realize, and in the same way, so does what you put ON your body. Parabens? No bueno. Phthalates? Nope. Beautycounter creates safe (and still crazy effective) skincare products and cosmetics!

4. I’ve got you covered! I’ll be making a FB group soon so you can keep up on the latest from Beautycounter and other brands I love. (I’m not exclusive! I have a lot of love to give!) And thanks for the compliment. 😉

Now for the nitty gritty of why I’m doing this, and a challenge for you:

Like I said, your skin isn’t just about what you put on the outside.

Ever eaten something that contributed to a break out? Yeah. It happens. That’s why I stay away from sweet potatoes in large amounts (weird), dairy (sob), and try to limit chocolate (riiight).

Your skin is also capable of absorbing what you put on it. I find it ironic that we pharmacists learn about the transdermal route of drug delivery in school, then we go home and slather ourselves with potentially toxic chemicals and known endocrine disrupters (<— they interfere with your hormones) and expect everything to be hunky-dory.

Don’t think you’re putting toxic stuff on yourself every day? I challenge you to pay attention for one day, just one, to EVERYTHING that comes in contact with your skin. Body wash. Shampoo. Lotion. Makeup. Lipstick. Toothpaste. Deodorant. Hand sanitizer. And so on.

Look at the labels. Read the ingredients.

Remember those days before smartphones when the only thing to do while going to the bathroom (if you didn’t have small kids asking you for a snack) was to read the back of the shampoo bottle?

I remember being proud of myself when I could pronounce those words, and even prouder when I knew what they chemically were. Hooray for organic chemistry! Methylisothiazolinone! (Don’t ask me about chemical structures nowadays, it’s been a while. K? K.)

I also learned in school that parabens were super hard to solubilize, so you have to use a few different ones in order to make them work in a compound. Funny, I didn’t learn that they’ve been linked to cancer. See my neuroscientist friend Amanda’s blog here for more info. It’s downright scary.

So, the first step is to PAY ATTENTION. Don’t feel bad about it, don’t fret, and especially don’t worry about how to change it all overnight. Heaven knows (and so do I) that changing to a healthier lifestyle is a process, not an immediate destination.

The next step is to evaluate your products. EWG’s Skin Deep database is a great place to start. If you need help or want my (potentially lengthy) expert opinion, drop me a line!

Finally, it’s time to replace those products that have a high EWG score. This is where I can help!

Let me know how it goes! Drop me a comment here or on social media to tell me what you learned and what you’d like to replace first.

Why now? As I mentioned, I’ve been pondering partnering with Beautycounter for a couple of years now. I was thiiiiiis close to signing up when my sister-in-law did last year, but it just didn’t feel right at the time. I was pretty happy with my current product mashup—brands that I like and random concoctions I’ve invented myself.

In fact, I’m still pretty happy with it.

But you know what would make me even happier? To align with Beautycounter’s mission of safer skincare for everyone. To get the word out that we can do better for our health!

And maybe not having to mix up my own magic potions? 🧙🏻‍♀️

Nah, I’ll probably keep playing around with recipes. It’s just what I do. 😉

(Latest discovery: Rosehip oil is da bomb. Which is why I was so excited that the first ingredient in Beautycounter’s No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil is… you guessed it, rosehip oil! Winning!)

To better skin and healthier bodies,


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