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FMT Update: One week down, one to go!



I had grand visions of daily updating the blog and keeping careful records of my symptoms and progress during fecal microbiota transplant. Sounds like a great idea, eh?

Then, jet lag hit. I may have been a bit stressed from travel. (Possibly. Just a theory. Ok, yes, I was a bit of an anxious mess.) I didn’t sleep much. And to top it all off, I was hit with sudden, ridiculous allergies–like sneezing fits and running out of tissues every day, then barely sleeping at night.

So here we go with an update, one week into the process. (It’s a ten-day treatment, carried out on weekdays over two weeks. You get one implant a day, which takes around an hour in the clinic. Got that?)

The first few days were rough, mostly because I was in such a fog of allergies and exhaustion. So much for all my plans to be as rested and ready as possible.

I stuck close to “home” once I started treatment on Monday and Tuesday, but I started to get the itch to venture out again on Wednesday. I won’t get into travel adventures right now because this post would become way too long in a hurry!

The travel adventures are the fun part, so far. The health update, not so fun.

Suffice it to say that I’ve learned a couple things about traveling during FMT:

1. Bathroom access is both good and bad. If you want to keep an implant where it belongs for as long as possible, immediately hop a train and/or a tour bus. You won’t want to use the bathroom, so there’s additional incentive to keep things in.

The downside is that the one time you DO need a bathroom (say, in the middle of the British Museum, cough cough), it may be difficult to find one and you may be tempted to use whatever ancient Chinese urn is in your way.

2. Travel adventures can take your mind off of the pooping situation. It’s way more fun to focus on historical buildings or an amazing West End musical than what time you’re going to poop. #justsayin’

3. It’s almost too easy to just go without food, but it needs to be more of a focus for me this week. The clinic encourages dietary diversity to feed the implants, but they don’t want you to change a ton of things while your body is trying to adjust.

Finding that balance has been hard. I’ve done a little too much “passing off this snack as dinner”, eating high-histamine food because it’s easy (and then wondering why the allergies are a problem), and eating things I wouldn’t normally do well with (like GF pasta made with eggs or a GFDF brownie with nuts).

Most of those aberrations from my usual diet came from finding Leggero, a totally GF Italian restaurant near the theatres in London. It’s kind of my new hangout. Convenient GF food has made me take risks I normally wouldn’t (like the eggs and nuts), which can be great and also bad at the same time–great because I’m not being quite so anal about what I can eat, but bad because I think I’m changing too much at one time.

I’m mostly just TIRED at this point, and I’m having trouble finding a balance. T.I.R.E.D.

I have four more days left here, and I want to make the most of them!!

My whole life is about pushing through various shades of exhausted, so this isn’t much different from normal. (Thus, why I’m here, doing FMT.) I’m totally able to push.

Whether or not that’s a good idea… well…

I also want to make the most of this treatment and allow it to work as optimally as possible. It’s not like I’ll get a second chance.

So now, after one week:

  • Allergies have lifted (Hallelujah!!), and did so almost immediately once I started taking double doses of Probiota HistaminX* on Friday. Wish I would have thought of that much sooner!!
  • Sleep is much better, mostly because of the above and having washed my sheets in my own soap. There’s something super allergenic even in the hypoallergenic detergent here.
  • I’m tired. Yes, I know I’ve already mentioned that. Even after getting adequate (though often interrupted) sleep for a few nights. Yes, it could be that I’ve been doing quite a bit. I was on the go all weekend. Also could be from eating the unusual things. Still could be from the implants and my body rearranging flora to accommodate. I’m guessing it’s a mix of all these things and I should just go to bed already.
  • Brain fog is still pretty intense. It’s slightly better today, but the tiredness is taking over.
  • Still having some other random symptoms like breakouts and mouth sores, but that’s not too unusual. The locations, however, are definitely unusual.

It’s now 9PM and I’m nearly falling asleep as I type, so I’m going to go evaluate the possibility of going to bed. (Translation: get a second wind and decide to see if I can get the sound on the TV to work…)


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