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FMT Update #2: the second week and the aftermath


“How was your trip?”

I didn’t think that would be a complicated question to answer, but I never know what to say.

Good? Busy? Exhausting? Fun? Awkward? Stressful? Relaxing?

Crappy? 💩

Any of those would be truthful.

It’s taken me five days since arriving home to write an update because jet lag and FMT lag are real, my friends. It’s a struggle to stay awake long enough to do normal summer-with-kids stuff, much less writing and processing all that happened on my trip.

Oh, and that whole thing with Beautycounter I decided to do. 😉

It was refreshing to be able to only worry about myself while traveling and seeing the sights, though I did wish I had someone to share it with.

Double feature! Was kind of sad after Les Mis, naturally, so I bought a cheap ticket to Chicago that night. (The musical. My flight to Chicago was still two days away.)

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday of the second week going into London immediately after my implant appointments. I saw the Tower of London, lots of musicals, and ate at Leggero enough times that they once gave me a discount for being a regular.

Windsor selfie! My last day of adventures.

I kept going and going and going until I hit a brick wall on Thursday on my way back from Windsor.


Figuratively, of course. I wasn’t trying to get to Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross, just trying to catch my train back to Letchworth on Platform 9. No brick walls necessary.

I think my immune system had finally had enough of my “trying to avoid FOMO by doing all the things” while reorganizing my gut flora. I stayed awake long enough to trudge over to Leggero on my way back, grab some snacks (chocolate bars and mango sorbet) at Whole Foods, and bid London a fond farewell at Piccadilly Circus.

Friday, my last implant day, I finally relaxed a bit. My amazing Airbnb host, Penny, offered to drive me to and from my appointment. I protested, albeit weakly. My enormous duffel full of frozen implants and I got to take a nice, easy ride back! I spent the afternoon doing laundry and cooking myself some “real” food. Then packing. So much packing.

My relaxed mood was rudely interrupted when I woke up Saturday morning (with the sun, at 3:51 AM like every day. What?!) and hopped in a cab at 4:45 to get to the airport.

Thus began the longest day of my life. Seriously. It was light for nearly 24 hours.

Given my state of exhaustion, one would think I would have slept on the plane. Nope. I may have drifted off for a few seconds here and there, but the next bump always woke me up. At least I got to watch a couple movies and read a book!

I then went to bed about 6:30 PM. I just couldn’t stay upright any longer.

After a couple days of unrelenting exhaustion, I messaged my friend who did FMT in March to ask just how long this lag lasts…

I was happy to find out that she felt more normal after two weeks, and she felt a huge difference at about six weeks.

Only one more week of this to go, right?! ZzZzZz

It was silly to think I’d be able to just jump right in to normal life with no residual effects. My body has been through a lot in the past three weeks. It’s going to take some time for it to recalibrate.

The mom guilt was strong on Monday when I deliberately let my kids check out movies at the library so I could go home and take a nap. I could no longer be upright and awake.

I’m still working on the balance between getting out and doing things (we’ve done a lot of things this week, low key things like the park and the library, but still things) and resting, the latter usually requiring screens of some sort for my kids.

My body does a nice job of reminding me that rest is not optional. I, however, am not good at listening and stopping before I run out of gas.

I feel like this update has gone much the same way as the last one:

I’m tired. That’s about it.

That said, I feel that my brain *might* be slightly less foggy, even through the physical exhaustion.

I have hope, and I’ll let you know as soon as I notice anything tangible!

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