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The Healing Project, July: The month of more travel and sunshine

July is almost over.

I know, let that sink in for a minute…

Summer always goes by in a flash!

I’ve been a bit “fly by the seat of my pants” when it comes to The Healing Project this month.

I’m not intentional about anything except trying to survive the energy roller coaster I’ve been on since coming home from England (for fecal microbiota transplant at Taymount Clinic). I’ve figured out a few of the factors compounding these highs and lows, and I’m working on evening things out. Part of that is avoiding chocolate altogether. Sigh. #howmanytimeswillitalkaboutchocolate

With as much as I never travel, I’ve been doing an awful lot of it lately!

We leave for a wedding in Florida in four days. I’m only now planning what/how I’m going to eat, what to pack for my kids to go to my parents’, and (minor detail) what I’m going to wear. I don’t have much by way of beach gear, but I did make sure I bought a dress! #priorities

Jumping back in to travel has been enlightening—both with the how-tos and the what-to-buys. I went on a bit of a shopping spree prior to my England trip, and I know some of my favorite finds will come in handy for this next jaunt!


My other big leap has been into the world of safer skincare. I’ve dabbled in it from a perspective of simplicity, DIY, and absolute safety, but I’m just now realizing how well safety and performance can coexist through Beautycounter!

It’s fun to try new, safe skincare products and branch out a bit into makeup, but the most fun part is having a platform to share about the importance of safer skincare for everyone. I LOVE sharing this crucial information with all of the awesome women (and men and kids) in my life!

Since we’re smack dab in the middle of beach/sun/swim/potential-for-lobster-skin season, I’ve been getting tons of questions about sunscreens and safety. I’m working on a post with the lowdown on safer sunscreen: why it needs to be safer, what to look for, and product recommendations. I’m hoping I’ll get it put up sometime before fall… LOL

[Break in writing blog post as potty training child pees on the library floor. Yes, my child.]

Travel. Sun. Potty training. Beautycounter. Recouping. There’s July for ya!

What specific questions do you have about any of the above that I can address in my upcoming posts? (Other than potty training, I obviously don’t have that one in the bag…)

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